Rossana Pettersén

CBT Therapist

English, Swedish and Spanish speaking therapist

Clinical Psychologist (Peru), CBT and Schema therapist (Svenska Institutet för Kognitiv Psykoterapi), MsC Suicide prevention (Karolinska Institute), PhD in Medical Science (Karolinska Institute). Rossana works with individuals and couples.

Rossana specializes in identifying and resolving self-defeating life patterns. Ideal for clients who want to work with questions like, Why do I always end up in the same negative situations? Why does my depression/anxiety/shame/anger never go away? Why do I always feel “not good-enough”? And conditions like complicated grief, trauma, “impostor syndrome”, personality disorders, constant dissatisfaction/emptiness, performance anxiety, and issues related to ex-patriation.

In her work with couples, she welcomes clients who want to improve their communication patterns, are dealing with infidelity, are caught in dysfunctional ways of relating to each other, have “lost the spark” or want to have a healthy separation.

Having being trained as a scientist, her approach is research-based using the latest techniques, psychological tests and interventions.