Melissa Abecassis

Psychodynamic counselor, coach and relationship therapist
English, Swedish and French speaking therapist

Melissa welcomes individual clients, couples and other relations.

She holds a diploma in psychodynamic counseling from Birkbeck University in London, relational dynamic coaching certification (ILM), Ilan Lev Method – movement therapy certification and is completing her studies in  psychosynthesis integrative relationship therapy at Humanova.
Growing up with several languages, nationalities and cultures, Melissa naturally became curious about working with people who navigate the spaces in-between, where questions around identity and belonging are often prevalent. She supports clients, often migrants, multi-cultural or on a path less traveled, to develop a stronger connection to self, by adopting a kinder internal voice, understanding boundaries and the roots of our wounds and the stories we carry.

As a former mediator, reconciliation methods have become the foundation of her approach. Rooted in relational development, she believes that we grow through the quality of our relationships. She works with couples and other relations who long to communicate better and gain understanding about one and other as well as the ‘relationship dynamics’. Life together can be tricky and having a dedicated space to process together can expand our capacity to hear each other, bringing creativity in how to be together better. Of course, some couples may need support even during separation.

Melissa works with embodiment and is particularly tickled by the intersection of expressive arts, nature and therapeutic process which she welcomes in the therapy room. Melissa also facilitates monthly dance meditation classes in Stockholm.