Alex Blakeson

Certified Professional Coach

English (native), Spanish (advanced), Swedish (intermediate)

Alex is professionally trained and certified by the Gestalt International Study Center and International Coaching Federation (ICF), plus by Prepare/Enrich and by the renowned Gottman Institute, both in support of good relationships and marriage. He has been happily coaching individuals and couples diverse in culture, age and beliefs for over twelve years in the U.S. and Europe.

Coaching is a “pro-active” and “co-active” approach to our development and can be described as “feeling better by doing differently”, in which we also learn to think and feel differently. Alex dynamically helps each individual, group, couple or family better define the purpose, principles and goals they most believe in and systematically ‘walks’ with you through the obstacles to fulfilling them. He loves working with diverse people of all ages and backgrounds, with special attention to young adults learning to build solid coherence between “myself, my family and my world” early in life – community, friendship, marriage, parenthood, service, study, work, health and wellbeing. He is known for his (respectful) sense of humor, warmth and lightheartedness within a rigorous process of growth. He believes in and practices both scientific and faith-oriented approaches to knowing.

Alex has lived most of his life in the U.S. plus in the West Indies and Latin America for over five years. He has been married to a Swede since 1989 with three young adult children and they moved permanently to Sweden in 2021. He works in person in central and northern Stockholm locations as well as via Zoom. He strives to make coaching both effective and accessible, including through dynamic small groups and income-sensitive fees.