Veronica Lax

Certified Psychosynthesis Counselor in Individual, Couple & Relational Therapy, and Coach,

Managing Director of Turning Point

Swedish and English speaking counselor 

Veronica Lax is a certified Psychosynthesis therapist and Coach from Human Nova. She also holds a US Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She welcomes individuals, couples and relations in therapy. If needed, she also collaborates with her colleague Keith Monery when couples prefer to have two therapists present.

Born and raised in the US, she has many years experience working as a project manager within the media industry both in New York and Sweden. She is bilingual in Swedish and English.

Psychosynthesis is a transpersonal form of psychology with a holistic approach and a psychodynamic base incorporating techniques from CBT, Mindfulness, Gestalt, Imago, Non-Violent Communication, and Guided Meditations. The main focus is to learn how to find your inner voice through self-awareness and self-reflection, understanding the different parts of self and steering your will.  Veronica has also taken courses in Non-Violent Communication, Lifespan Integration, ACT and EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) for couples. She is currently continuing her training in EFT core skills.

“Becoming aware of your needs and the obstacles that stand in your way will help you make decisions that move you in the direction of meaning”.