Elinor Tekas

Trauma Therapist & mBIT Coach

English and Swedish

Hannah Meason

Social Worker


Rossana Pettersén

CBT Therapist and Psychologist (Licensed in Peru)

English, Swedish and Spanish speaking

Keith Monery

Psychosynthesis therapist and counselor

English speaking

Alba Reverte

Certified Professional Coach

English, Spanish, Swedish and Catalan

Eva-Lena Knutsson

Certified Psychosynthesis Therapist & Coach in Individual, Couple and Relational Therapy

English and Swedish

Simon Cerri

Attachment based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist


Eva-Mari Thomas

Licensed Social Worker / CBT Counselor

Swedish and English speaking

Veronica Lax

Certified Individual, Couple & Relational Therapist and Coach, Managing Director of Turning Point

Swedish and English speaking