Bringing People Together – fika/workshop


We want to help you find out how to rebuild a new network of friends abroad. How to understand who you are in a new culture. The need for acceptance and belonging follows us throughout our lives. How we connect in a new country can be challenging and at times isolating. You are not alone. At Turning Point, we meet clients with similar experiences and that is why we wanted to bring people together that are longing for the same connection with others.

With the help of two experienced cross-cultural therapists we will work on:
·       Networking skills
·       Identity and self-confidence
·       How to manage external differences, expectations, written and unwritten rules, underlying attitudes or beliefs
·       Psychoeducation and practical exercises

Date: October 14, 2023
Time: 14-16 with a 15 min fika break
Cost: 500kr
Location: Sigtunagatan 4, we have our own entrance
Max participants: 6
RSVP by: October 7th, fee must be paid a week before the event
Therapists and Coach: Veronica Lax and Alex Blakeson
Contact: Veronica Lax 070-578 3500 or

Familjekonstellationer den 28 maj med Annelie Djerf

Med hjälp av denna metod kan du se och rätta till skador i ditt så kallade familjesystem, som annars kan stå till hinder för din personliga utveckling.
Metoden är mycket effektiv och kan lösa upp insnärjdhet i ett system, få syn på vad som kan ligga dolt och få en mer tydlig bild över vad som påverkar dig. Få en visuell klarhet i din situation och funktion i det sammanhang du befinner dig i familjen, på jobbet eller bland vänner. Detta är en tredimensionell och upplevelsebaserad metod.

Datum: Lör. 28 Maj
Tid: 10 – 16 inkl. lunchrast och fikapauser (endast fika ingår i priset, mikro, restauranger och matbutiker i närheten)
Adress: Observatoriegatan 6
Din investering: Klient 1600 kr (3 platser), Representant 350 kr (max 15 platser)

Hör gärna av dig om du har några frågor.
Anmälan via: Sms 073 87 47 699 el.

Varmt välkommen, Annelie Djerf ser fram emot att ses.
Se utförligare beskrivning på: FB ”Familjekonstellationer och workshops med Annelie Djerf”

Moving on after the pandemic

We invite you to get coached on how to move on after the pandemic in a confidential, non-judgmental and calm group setting.

We will share experiences, reflect and provide strategies and tools for how to grow after this challenging period.

Maybe you found a different perspective on life, learned a new hobby, felt challenged in your closest relationships, struggled feeling isolated, or not able to return home to visit family and friends.

With a psychotherapist and a coach conducting the event, we will share and process as a group this global event that has affected people in many different ways; and from a bigger perspective, we will explore, reflect and define how we can move forward while integrating this challenging experience that has affected all aspects of our lives.

Date: March 19th

Time: 13-15

Held by: Veronica Lax and Alba Reverté

Participants: 10 max

Place: Turning Point, Sigtunagatan 4

Cost: 300 SEK (incl. a Swedish fika)

RSVP: or 0705783500 by March 12th