Hannah Meason

Licensed Social Worker, Parent & Adolescent Counsellor 

English speaking therapist

Hannah Meason specialises in supporting parents who are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress and emotional discord. Qualifying with her Bachelors in Education and Social Services and then with her Masters in Social Work in Scotland, Hannah has spent the last 15 years specialising in children and family work, attachment and bonding and trauma recovery. Using a mixed methods approach with her clients, drawing on both counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches, Hannah’s approach is often systemic and supports clients to find their own solutions, recognising that the client is the expert in their own life.

Hannah is the founder of Together With You STHLM, a service that focuses on supporting new parents. Becoming a new parent can throw up all sorts of emotions, bringing up past experiences earlier in life, as well as new difficult experiences. You do not need a diagnosis of Postnatal/ Postpartum Depression from a doctor to seek support as a new parent. For women who have experienced difficult pregnancies, a traumatic birth, adoption processes or a rocky start to motherhood it is important to be able to talk about this in a safe and supportive environment.

Evidence has taught us perinatal depression and anxiety for both women and men can be triggered during pregnancy and up to 2 years following birth, and the symptoms can last for years if not properly addressed.

Simply taking time to talk about what you are experiencing and normalising these feelings can help you to gain the insight and control to feel better and begin to enjoy parenthood more.

Support for Children/ Adolescents

If your child is having difficulty managing stress and anxiety or pressures of school and social life it can be helpful for them to have someone to talk to and to develop coping strategies with who is outside their usual support network.

Hannah is trained in Seasons For Growth Loss and Change Programme for Children and Young People and in the use of Life Story. These are helpful ways to work with children and adolescents who have experienced a significant loss or a big change in their lives, including those who have moved internationally here to Sweden or who’s parents are going through separation.

BA Education and Social Services Msc in Social Work
Member of the International Federation of Social Work

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