• Veronica webben 96dpi liten

    Veronica Lax

    Certified Individual, Couple & Relational Therapist and Coach, Managing Director of Turning Point

    Swedish and English speaking

  • Keith webben 96dpi liten

    Keith Monery

    Psychosynthesis therapist and counselor

    English speaking

  • Eva Mari webben 96dpi liten

    Eva-Mari Thomas

    Licensed Social Worker / CBT Counselor

    Swedish and English speaking

  • Rosanna 96dpi liten2

    Rossana Pettersén

    CBT Therapist and Psychologist (Licensed in Peru)

    English, Swedish and Spanish speaking

  • Elinor webben 96dpi liten

    Elinor Tekas

    Trauma Therapist & mBIT Coach

    English and Swedish

  • Eva Lena 96dpi liten3

    Eva-Lena Knutsson

    Certified Psychosynthesis Therapist & Coach in Individual, Couple and Relational Therapy

    English and Swedish

  • Alba 96dpi liten3

    Alba Reverte

    Certified Professional Coach

    English, Spanish, Swedish and Catalan

  • Mitchell webben 96dpi liten

    Mitchell Smolkin

    Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT)

    English and French speaking therapist

  • Agnieszka webben 96dpi liten

    Agnieszka Zysk

    Certified Gestalt Therapist

    Polish and Swedish speaking

  • Louise webben 96dpi liten

    Louise Wästlund

    MBACP certified Family, Couple & Relationship Therapist

    Swedish and English speaking

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