Love and Confusion workshop

Are you in and out of relationships? Are you having difficulties finding a partner that is committed to a long-term relationship or are you having trouble committing yourself to a relationship?

Welcome to an active and reflective working group.
Aim: Better understanding of self and the dynamics in loving relationships
Description: An active and reflective working group using mindfulness, guided meditations and reflection exercises. Sharing experiences and opening up at a level that feels comfortable for you.
Session 1. How do I portray myself to others, family, friends and at work. What strategies do I use to get my needs met? Exploring parts of self and where we can get stuck in relationships. Understanding attachment theory.
Session 2. Cultural and communication styles. Understanding differences in our ways of communicating.
Session 3. Expectations of men and women in today’s society. Balance between love and lust.
Session 4. Communicating feelings and needs more creatively, moving away from reactive patterns. Empathic listening.
Cost for all sessions: 1900 SEK

Dates: September 15 & 29
Time: 10-15.30, including 2 x 15 min breaks and 45 min lunch break

For information and booking
Keith Monery:
Veronica Lax:

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