Single in Sweden Dating workshop

• Discover how to have more authentic connections 
• Learn how to create a dating profile that attracts your dream partner 
• Practice asking the right questions on a first date

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Välkommen till Gruppterapi

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Your Feminine Confidence Workshop

When you're lacking confidence you feel uncertain, vulnerable, and are less able to take opportunities or really dig deep and enjoy life.

Join the 5 week workshop to find your feminine confidence to feel secure in who you are and what you can do in the world.

Friday evenings, 19:00-20:30

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Love and Confusion workshop

Are you in and out of relationships? Are you having difficulties finding a partner that is committed to a long-term relationship or are you having trouble committing yourself to a relationship?

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Kom och prova på ett MediYoga pass med Eva-Mari

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Creating Intimacy from the Inside Out Workshop

IFS (Internal Family Systems) Therapy offers effective new language to couples, allowing you to communicate with each other safely and effectively.

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Find Your Inner Coach Workshop

Stop living in the parts of yourself holding on to fear, anxiety, and confusion. My colleague at Turning Point, Beth Rogerson, PhD, will guide you how to tap into your calm, clear, courageous center, and live the life you choose.

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