Creating Intimacy from the Inside Out Workshop

IFS (Internal Family Systems) Therapy offers effective new language to couples, allowing you to communicate with each other safely and effectively.

Together you will create an intention and vision for the satisfying, connected relationship you’ve been looking for. Get started relating better to your significant other.
Learn to tap into your calm, clear, courageous center, and start listening to what parts of yourself are saying to you.

From this place you can learn to speak FOR your parts not FROM your parts. This workshop is for people interested in self awareness and personal growth around being in a relationship. You can attend this workshop by yourself or with your partner. You will absolutely learn information both ways. Learning about the parts of your personality will support you to create intimacy from the inside out. It is based on parts to Self psychology: Internal Family Systems Model (IFS).

Date: September 19, 2015
Time: 9:30-12:30
Cost: 1000 SEK.
Register at

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